Guests who choose not to follow these rules of expected behavior will be subject to ejection and possible arrest.

  • General admission ticket holders entering pedestrian gates will not be permitted to bring in alcohol. Spectators will be subject to search.

  • Only reserved parking spot holders, corporate tent holders and registered caterers are permitted to bring alcohol on the property for their private par­ties.

  • No tailgating or alcohol consumption is permitted within general parking areas.

  • All caterers are required to register with the Far Hills Race Meeting Association in advance.

  • Unreg­istered deliveries of alcohol to the race grounds are prohibited.

  • All buses are required to register with the Far Hills Race Meeting prior to the event. They may register online at www.farhillsrace.org/bus-registration.

  • Entrance will be denied to visibly intoxicated attendees.

  • All attendees are responsible for disposing of their own trash. Please help defray the cost of post-event cleanup by carting out your trash or depositing it in one of the trash receptacles placed throughout the property.

  • Tents that obstruct views and site-lines will not be permitted.

  • Loud music is strictly prohibited.

  • Heavy alcohol consumption will not be tolerated. No drinking games will be permitted.
  • Spectators are not permitted on the racecourse.

  • Pe­destrians are permitted to cross the track only at specified gates between races.

  • Please be courteous of your neighbors.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in removal from the event.

Underage drinking and DUI laws will be strictly enforced by law enforcement officers. For more information regarding these policies, please contact the Far Hills Race Meeting at office@farhillsrace.org. For general information about the Far Hills Race Meeting, please see our Policies, Tips & Guidelines.